Our mission is to support African innovations and entrepreneurship for the prosperity of Africa. We do so by accelerating all kinds of innovations from the communities with positive yields into projects.  Moreover, we  disseminate African innovation and entrepreneurial  projects across the world through our social media network. Africa has a wide range of economical burdens with dire consequences on productivity. However, we help mitigate the major challenges faced by African innovators and entrepreneurs include: getting an investor to buy into an idea to help turn it into something that could benefit communities as well as the rest of the continent; lack of information and inability to run successful crowd-funding campaigns; lack of motivation.  By establishing hub centers in the poorest communities, we rummages for brilliant  indigent African with great ideas which can be possibly turned into great projects with greater yields. Upon collection of ideas, they undergo the reviewing process together with various stakeholders.

We then crowd-source resources for the selected ideas using crowdfunding and volunteering platforms sparkled and idealist. We strive to connect African innovator and entrepreneurs with a global pool of investors using various social media platforms.

monitoring and evaluation of projects is conducting to ensure transparency in the use of resources and compliance with performance regulations.